Skeffington and the Pawsox

Skeffington and the new Pawsox ownership group are trying to take RI'ers for a ride. They claim they'll pay the $85M to build a new stadium in Providence but they want the taxpayers of the state to pay them $120M over 30 years -- $4M/yr. They claim … [Read more...]

Memories Pizza and the RFRA

Huge outcry over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and a business called Memories Pizza. At issue is the pizzeria owner's stance that they're more than happy to serve anyone who enters their restaurant but would refuse to cater a homosexual's … [Read more...]

Cutting the Cable Cord is Painfully Close

I don't know about you, but I can't wait until the day I can cut the cable cord. With all the taxes, fees and other nonsense my cable bill is just about $150/mo, so when I heard Dish Network has made Sling TV available to the masses , I was psyched. … [Read more...]

Obama and the Clinton Emails

Judge Andrew Napolitano neatly sums up the state of our government by asking a rhetorical question in his latest opinion piece: Mr. President, is it true that there are standards of behavior for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their friends and other … [Read more...]

Net Neutrality is Hurting the Internet

Net neutrality is both a convenient buzzword and a Trojan horse. Its supporters fascinate me because they claim they want a regulation-free internet but cry to the gov't for regulations on the internet. The future of the internet isn't in your … [Read more...]

A Smallville Man For so many reasons, including Foo Fighters being used as the background, I really enjoyed this fan made interpretation of Superman. … [Read more...]