Net Neutrality is Hurting the Internet

Net neutrality is both a convenient buzzword and a Trojan horse. Its supporters fascinate me because they claim they want a regulation-free internet but cry to the gov't for regulations on the internet. The future of the internet isn't in your … [Read more...]

A Smallville Man For so many reasons, including Foo Fighters being used as the background, I really enjoyed this fan made interpretation of Superman. … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the RNC


An open letter to the Republican National Committee: I received your affiliation letter recently, and when I read it, the following passage stood out at me: As a freedom-loving individual who shares our Republican principles of small government, … [Read more...]

If You Prefer Torture

If [torture is] what you want to defend, so be it. For me, I want professionals who live by a code of honor and ethical conduct. We may have to swim in the sewers but we should not enjoy the taste of shit.
Larry Johnson

A number of critics think the release of this report will put the lives of US Servicemen in danger. They couldn't be more wrong. If American lives are in danger, it isn't because of the release of the CIA Torture Report, it's because the CIA tortured … [Read more...]