Time is a Money Value

It's a phrase I've heard countless times from our company's oldest salesman. And he's absolutely right. We may not think about it, but we constantly talk about time in terms of money -- how we save it, spend it or waste it; how productive or … [Read more...]

“Slut-Shaming”? Give Me a Break

Let's set the record straight on a few items before I get to the heart of the matter: There is nothing wrong with taking intimate pictures of yourself and/or other consenting adults There are lots of things wrong with accessing accounts without … [Read more...]


I was challenged to dump a bucket of ice water over my head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, this isn't to slight the person who issued the challenge, an individual whom I consider to be one of my best friends, or ALS or any of that, but I … [Read more...]

White House Cybersecurity Head Proud He’s Clueless

White House cybersecurity coordinator -- the highest such position in the nation, appointed by and reporting to President Obama -- Michael Daniel, not only admits he knows absolutely nothing about his job, he thinks it's an advantage. You don't have … [Read more...]

What it Takes to Avoid a Police Beatdown

[H]ere is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.
Sunil Dutta

He calls it cooperation; I call it submission. Prof Dutta claims that it would be easier for everyone (translation: easier for the police) if we simply did as we were told and didn't ask questions. Don't assert our rights and certainly don't ask for … [Read more...]