YouTubeTV Forgetting its Roots

YouTubeTV Forgetting its Roots

I've been a YouTubeTV subscriber for about 2 years. When I cut the cord 4 years ago I signed up with SlingTV, but then switched a couple years later when I saw that YouTube carried my local network stations. That was huge for me because for whatever reason I am unable to pick up my local channels despite using multiple types of antennas and screwing around with placement and all that. Oh, and YouTube had NESN, which was an added bonus. At the time it was about a $15/mo difference.

For the last year or so YouTubeTV has cost me $50/mo, however I received an email this week advising that the price is going up to $65/mo. That's a 30% price increase!

They also advertise how they have 85+ channels and unlimited DVR and yada, yada, yada but the reality is my house only watches about 10 channels with any level of consistency and has limited use of the DVR. Perhaps I'm an outlier and their market research is telling them differently, but I cut the cord to save money and simplify my life, not just to avoid a 2yr contract. Between an internet connection,  Netflix, and the increase in YouTube I'm only looking at $15/mo less than what I was paying to have a Cable TV subscription.

I think YouTube is beginning to forget why people cut the cord in the first place. I'm not going to pay $800/yr+ so I can watch a few channels, almost all of which are showing repeats anyway.

I see Philo has almost the same channel lineup for $20/mo.