I wish I could say this was a work of fiction.

US Border Patrol subjected a 54yr old female citizen to hours of invasive body searches after being detained at the border looking for drugs. They found nothing. They took her to a hospital and subjected her to X-Rays and CT scans looking for drugs. They came up empty still. Border Patrol eventually dismisses her without charge, but there's a catch -- either sign a consent form retroactively giving the government permission for the search or be personally responsible for all the medical costs involved. She refused to sign and is later sent a bill for over $5000. She sued the government and after a 3yr wait for our "justice" system, the government settled with the woman for $475,000, without admitting liability or fault.

Absolutely sickening. The individuals directly and indirectly involved will not be held accountable in any way. Our tax money continues (please don't think this is a rare event) to pay for Border Patrol agents to commit what amounts to sexual assault, and then again to settle if agents can't manage to coerce a signed consent form and the victims decide to sue. All of this so they can continue this foolish War on Drugs Plants.