If it happens once you can call it a mistake, but three times in your tenure? That's a trend, and that's bad. The President tells the American people that he found out on the news about the Fast and Furious gunwalking  scandal, the IRS political targeting scandal, and the Dept of Justice warrantless seizure of  AP reporter phone records scandal. That is beyond inexcusable, and leaves us four possibilities:

  1. The President has complete nitwits working for him who don't tell him anything
  2. The President doesn't want to know what's going on so he has plausible deniability for when things go sideways
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. The President did know about all those things and is lying to cover himself

No matter what the truth is, it does not cast his presidency in a favorable light. Unfortunately our President rarely takes responsibility for anything and is always deflecting blame on everyone else but himself. The reality, though, is the buck stops at the top, whether the President wants to acknowledge it or not. When Obama's employees screw up, and these are ridiculously serious screwups, he is ultimately responsible.

Whether he will be held responsible is another matter entirely