I thought it was an opportunity for the state to go forward and to help create an industry that would be beneficial to the state and create good-paying jobs.

~George Nee - President, RI AFL-CIO

While Carcieri was the chief cheerleader for the 38 Studios deal that ended poorly, he wasn't alone, despite the white-hot media focus on the former governor. A few members of the EDC, the entity that ultimately signed off on the loan to 38, have resigned, but 1 prominent member has refused Gov. Chafee's request. Apparently Nee, President of the RI AFL-CIO,  thought it was OK to give $75M to a complete unknown because he thought it could create jobs, but now that it's blown up in his face, he doesn't think it's a good idea that he step down.

I'm guessing he refused to resign because he knows even if Chafee wanted him out, and I believe the Governor does, Nee knows he's not going anywhere. Any replacement for Nee must be confirmed by the Senate, and the same reason Stokes initially stayed on as head of the EDC despite Chafee's desire to replace him is why Nee will be staying -- Senator Paiva-Weed has all the power, and if she wants Nee there, she'll make sure he stays there.