Restrictions Will Last As Long as We Allow

Restrictions Will Last As Long as We Allow

Despite cases being down in States that have opened up (Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, etc), our resident King of the Shifting Goal Posts is still saying we're not ready to move on. In fact, Fauci is still claiming we won't be close to normal until next Mother's Day, 2022. 2 weeks to flatten the curve becomes 2 years!

The fact is, and has always been, that the restrictions we face in States that refuse to acknowledge their interventions have had no measurable effect on the trajectory of the virus (and come at a tremendous social and economic cost) only remain as long as people are willing to tolerate them.

Fortunately, in some areas the tide is starting to turn. If you look at Michigan specifically, last month when there was a big spike, their governor resisted calls to go back into a lockdown despite cases being at a point where a few months prior she did issue another lockdown. What changed? In my view it would seem public opinion has changed, even if only slightly. Whitmer is a politician, after all, and priority #1 of a politician is to get re-elected. If she's not reinstituting lockdowns, despite the circumstances being equivalent, chances are it's because she feels she no longer has the same level of public support.

Even here in the northeast, which has been hit harder than many other areas of the country I'm starting to see the proverbial "cracks in the armor." More people are walking around without masks on outside, and that's now extending even to people walking into our offices, as if the Dept of Health mandates didn't exist. I love it!

If we want life to return to normal, we are going to just have to start acting like it. If we look to and wait for the politicians to act first, it'll never happen. They'll continue to find new excuses to keep us locked down and masked up forever. After all, if COVID hysteria goes away, so does the relevance of all the doomer scientists, most of all Fauci, and that's the last thing they want.