Open Letter to the RNC

Open Letter to the RNC

An open letter to the Republican National Committee:

I received your affiliation letter recently, and when I read it, the following passage stood out at me:

As a freedom-loving individual who shares our Republican principles of small government, responsible spending and low taxes, you are the foundation of our party.

Yes, I do love freedom, and I do favor small government, responsible spending and low taxes; the problem is the Republican Party does not support any of those things. Certainly you pay lip service to those principles, primarily when you're looking for money, but let's look at the actions of your party over the last 15 years -- PATRIOT Act, NSA spying, FATCA, SOX, TARP, TBTF, unprecedented debt levels, unending war... the list goes on and on. Those aren't the things a freedom-loving political party supports. In fact the only thing that received unanimous Republican opposition was Obamacare and I'm convinced that the opposition wasn't on principle but because the PPACA wasn't a Republican bill.

As a result RNC, I will not be returning the Affiliation and Renewal Card, nor will I even consider sending you a single cent of monetary support. As far as I'm concerned you corrupt, slimy politicians get too much of my income as it is. Next time you come looking for money, think about having a track record that backs up your bold statements.