Before and after the passage of his signature legislation the President promised the American people time and time again that under ObamaCare if you like your insurance plan you can keep it. There were no caveats, no qualifications. By now it's clearly understood the President was lying. And when pressed because of reports of individuals who are having their insurance plans dropped, the President is doing what the President does best -- blaming someone else. Because it's obviously the fault of insurance companies that ObamaCare regulations prohibit the sale of these insurance policies that are being canceled. I'm almost surprised he hasn't tried to blame President Bush. But aside of the lying, the law is doing exactly what politicians intended.

The law's failure is intentional. Perhaps politicians didn't intend for to be the utter disaster that it is (though that was foreseeable given the incompetence of government), but the problems these people are experiencing in terms of having their policies canceled and such was a desired outcome. ObamaCare was not designed to fix our healthcare system; it wasn't designed to make insurance and subsequent care more affordable; it was designed to be a stepping stone. By the end of the decade or so when our healthcare system is even more screwed up than it already is and people are screaming yet again for politicians to "do something" to fix the mess, the "something" offered won't be to repeal ObamaCare, get the government out of the healthcare business and move in the direction of a free market for health insurance and health care, it will be to eliminate private health insurance altogether and move the country to a single payer healthcare system.

If you think things are hyper-political now just wait, because when tax dollars are used to pay for people's health care, people's health choices will become topics for political debate.