We're told to "listen to the experts" when it comes to COVID-19. Every day we're bombarded with the numbers of new cases and how many people have died from the virus, but has anyone ever asked what it means to die from COVID?

Reasonable people would assume that if a death is listed as being from COVID, then it's a death due to the virus itself. For example, no reasonable person would assume that if you were on hospice, your body riddled with cancer, and you died with COVID in your body that you died from COVID. Not so says Dr. Ngozi, the Illinois Director of Public Health. She explains the definition of a COVID death is so broad that even if there was a clear alternate cause of death, if COVID was present in your system it is still recorded as a COVID death.

It seems to me to define COVID deaths so broadly is intentional in order to artificially inflate the number of deaths. The list of who might benefit from that inflation is substantial but veers very close to "tinfoil hat conspiracist" territory.

Understanding though, that the number of deaths is highly overstated does at least let you put into perspective that COVID is not nearly the problem people say it is, and if enough people realize this and resist the lockdown perhaps self-interested governors will start backing off their draconian approach to this virus.