This Impeachment of Trump is a Joke

This Impeachment of Trump is a Joke

I can't turn on the TV or pull up Twitter or Reddit without being blasted with information about these impeachment hearings. I find the entire thing to be a sick joke.

First, the unfortunately-necessary disclaimer – I'm not a Trump fanboy. Quite the opposite in fact. I find his loose relationship with the truth disheartening and the very fact that he was elected proof that our government is broken. Trump should not be President, but not for any of the reasons the Democrats and others want to remove him.

The unelected State infrastructure (the "Deep State" as it's openly referred to) through the Democrats spent two years and 10's of millions of dollars lying to the American public attempting to sell us on a link between Trump and Russia that simply did not exist. Now, likely in response to Trump digging around to get to the bottom of how that all started, they're trying to create a narrative that his phone call to Ukraine and quid pro quo regarding investigating Joe Biden and his son is some crazy crime worthy of impeachment and removal from office. This isn't terribly different than the Republicans going after President Clinton back in the 90's for perjury. In both cases Congress missed the real violation, War Crimes.

Trump has supported the genocide in Yemen that doesn't get nearly the press coverage it should and vetoed Congress' decision to pull out. That is obviously a clearer violation than a phone call that didn't result in Trump getting what he wanted. Yemen is what should be the topic of discussion on Capitol Hill, not Ukraine.

Looking back, however, Presidents don't get impeached when it comes to military actions. Clinton wasn't impeached for bombing Sudan and Afghanistan. Bush Jr wasn't impeached for torture or lying us into the Iraq War. In fact, Speaker Pelosi stated very specifically that lying us into a war IS NOT grounds for impeachment. Obama wasn't impeached for Fast and Furious gun running or extrajudicial executions of American citizens.

Politicians will clutch their pocket copies of the US Constitution and claim they're "saving democracy" but it's all a ruse. Ignoring for a moment that democracy is nothing more than tyranny by a different name, they are in Washington because they desire power, and power is a zero-sum game: if one politician has it, another cannot. The goal is to acquire as much political power for themselves and/or their "team," everyone else, including the American people, be damned.

For those who are sick of the back and forth in Washington, you are not alone, and if you're willing to look beyond the surface into the religious cult that is the State, you'll inevitably come to the conclusion that there is nothing moral or virtuous about the State and it stands in the way of the natural order: freedom and liberty. In a future post I'll write more about what it's like to be anti-state and how you can start your journey.