I celebrate the reality that the US Government must now recognize marriages by homosexual couples under the 14th Amendment. It's a topic I've written about previously but this ruling is not all rainbow flags and unicorns. I saw a few comments like this on different websites and it really struck a nerve:

Even the UK does not have this basic human right. Our form of constitutional government is best. Now all American citizens can reap the benefits of true freedom.

True freedom? Sure... nothing  says freedom like having to ask for permission. What is a license after all but permission to do something. The government was sued because they wouldn't recognize homosexual marriages. That's the other amazing part of all this -- that the government even cares whether the persons entering into this contract are gay, straight or otherwise or that the government has, or should have, the power to say "yes" or "no" to these individuals seeking to exercise their right to marry. A person's sexual orientation does not change whether he/she is of legal age to enter a contract and if he/she is doing so consensually. Those are the only criteria the government should have. The rest is just noise.