Forcing Businesses to Stay

Forcing Businesses to Stay

The Providence Journal reported that Cox Communications will be eliminating 234 jobs from their West Warwick facility. In response to that, RI State Rep Ray Hull has forwarded a bill to the General Assembly:

Rep Hull also stated:

It is not my intent with this legislation to stand in the way of good business activities or to meddle with corporate decisions. My intent is solely to make sure that Rhode Island customers who buy services from these utilities are properly and adequately served.

It wasn't my intent to shoot you, I just pointed a gun at you and pulled the trigger.
There is no other possible result of his bill but to meddle in the corporate decisions of Cox Communications. But even if we accept his intent at face value, he is in no position to determine if Cox's decision is to the benefit or detriment of Cox's customers. Only Cox's customers can make that determination.

You do have to give the Rep credit though. He really is trying to make sure we don't move from our position at the bottom of America's Top States for Business.