Edward Snowden: They've said they won't torture me

Edward Snowden: They've said they won't torture me

If you think our system of justice has even a shred of decency left, I present to you Edward Snowden.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Snowden explained that he has offered many times to return to the US to face trial and, if necessary, go to prison. What he refuses to do, however, is serve as a deterrent to people trying to do the right thing by a government looking to make a statement.

Almost 200,000 have signed the White House petition asking President Obama to pardon Snowden, but the official response that he "should come home and face a jury of his peers" was a lie -- under the Espionage Act Snowden would not face a jury trial or anything approaching even a fair trial; and that's all Snowden is trying to secure with the US gov't -- a fair trial.

All the gov't has offered him at this point is that they won't torture him.

It's bad enough that Snowden points out egregious violations of our Constitution and has to flee to Russia, of all places, to escape oppression. It's even worse that in the supposed "Land of the Free" his passport was revoked. It's positively sickening that any talk about Snowden returning to the US has to begin by taking TORTURE off the table.