This rubs me the wrong way. Paypal starts off a press release by boasting about how awesome they are, using that as a backdrop for the real purpose of the announcement, which is a notification that they're firing 445 people.
The President of PayPal, David Marcus, notes that PayPal is doing well, really well actually, and how these ex-employees played a role in creating that growth. He finishes off this callous note by spinning this as addition by subtraction:

Moving forward, I’m confident these changes will make PayPal even better and stronger. Our customers can expect faster innovation and great products and experiences that make their lives simpler. That’s our commitment — every day.

Don't get me wrong. I completely understand that as businesses grow and evolve they go through periods of restructuring to align themselves in ways they hope best serve their customers so they can remain profitable. What I have a problem with is the tone with which Mr. Marcus largely casts aside those employees who now have to find new places of employment.

If a press announcement about these layoffs is going to be made, then in my opinion it should carry a far more somber tone. Accept responsibility for not spotting this change in the marketplace sooner which might have helped you keep those people on, or for not finding other positions for those people. Or maybe you could note how you're helping the affected employees find other jobs or something. But don't boast about how much better you're going to be now that those people are gone. It's just classless.