Anyone who was paying attention knew that the "Buffett Rule" championed by President Obama and RI's own Senator Whitehouse was nothing more than a political stunt meant to score points during an election year. It was estimated to raise an average of $4.7B per year (pennies when the 2011 deficit was nearly $1T) by setting up the tax code in a way that makes "the rich" pay their "fair share".

If Warren Buffett or President Obama believe high income earners, such as themselves, should pay more in taxes, there's nothing stopping them. No one is forcing them to minimize their tax burdens, and no one is stopping them from writing a check to the IRS for whatever amount they'd like.

During the '08 campaign, Obama frequently used a Gandhi quote "be the change you wish to see in the world." Don't wait for others, lead by example. Perhaps Obama should put his money where his mouth is.