Whedon was heading a panel at San Diego Comic-Con and towards the end of a panel he was asked to talk about the anti-corporate themes in many of his movies. Joss then goes on an anti-capitalist tirade in response, claiming "we are watching capitalism destroy itself right now," the US is turning into "Tsarist Russia," and we're "creating a country full of serfs". He then blames President Reagan for turning the country against socialism.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't that more than a little hypocritical? Whedon says capitalism is a failing economic system and that socialism is superior, yet capitalism is a system that has allowed him to be successful and earn a current net worth of around $45M.

The typical rebuttal to my claim would be that Whedon's allowed to criticize what he considers to be a broken system while attempting to work within it. And I understand that, but this isn't a libertarian calling for less government and then driving to work on roads that taxes paid for. Whedon is in a position to make real progress towards his goal. Whedon has people who work for him. Why couldn't he pay them and himself equally? Even if his pay is determined by others, there's no reason he couldn't ask those who write his check to pay him and his employees the same. "Share the wealth" as the president says. Let him have his little sphere of income equality. But my guess is he'd want to exempt himself from such a scenario. Hypocrites tend to do that.