It's a well worn argument, some of the top income earners claiming they don't pay enough income taxes. Warren Buffett, Steven King and even Will Smith have all claimed they don't mind paying taxes, and they feel people who fall into their income thresholds should pay more taxes, with Smith claiming in the interview that he'd pay whatever needed to be paid to keep this country going.

Ignoring for a moment that nothing's stopping Smith and others from going to and making their own donation to the nation's coffers, and also ignoring for a moment that we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem or a tax rate problem, what rate do these people think is sufficient? We're never told, of course, but when the interviewer for the French news channel asked Will Smith what he thought of France's new top tax rate of 75%, vs the 30% (technically 35%)  in the US. Smith balked, so apparently 75% is too much.

Perhaps Mr. Smith should have been more specific in his statement and said instead that he wants other people, not him, to pay whatever needs to be paid in order to keep this country going?